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Feb 29, 2012 5:00pm PST
in at least seven states including nebraska, kansas, missouri, illinois, indiana, kentucky and tennessee. some survivors say it sounded like a bomb going off. more than one dozen tornadoes causing overnight damage in several midwestern states. >> the storm came in with such a frost, you could not even open the doors of the firehouse. the level it was hit especially hard. the tornado was estimated as an f for, the second most powerful of the readings field. homes were reduced to splinter rubble. this home was damaged, walls were destroyed, exposing this patient's room to the elements. residents in nebraska, kansas, missouri, indiana and kentucky have all lost their homes. >> before i knew it, i was upside down. a driver, a friend of mine was still in the back. i had to pull him out. >> tornadoes are a way of life for these states. that does not make the sudden destruction any less painful. >>grant: here is video of one of the tornadoes shot by a storm kezar. the storm is not done. officials and residents are bracing in the southeast u.s.. more tornadoes are possible. thunderstor
Mar 2, 2012 5:00pm PST
of the south and midwest. the entire stretch from alabama to indiana and points each. grant lodes is monitoring this developing story in our newsroom. >>grant: another round of killer tornadoes just tearing through several states. this is the destruction. at least 14 people have now died. emergency officials are almost certain that the death toll will continue to rise. but this is in addition to 13 people who died on wednesday. people are confirmed dead in ohio, kentucky and indiana. so far, too small towns in southern indiana look like they took the worst of it. tornadoes rolling to the indiana towns of henry built in marysville. they are just north of the kentucky border. each has a population of about 2000 residents. with the twisters touching down, the mayor of marysville said that it is gone. a storm chasers and local news crews have been capturing some of the footage. you can see the twister in the background, it is very defined, very large. huge! it is charging through the country around 70 mi. per hour, the winds were well over 150 mi. per hour. from the great lakes to the
Mar 30, 2012 5:00pm PDT
unhappiest of the lean and cooking is live this kundera mahal handwheel in height >>pam: in indiana school bus driver is keeping a cool head. >> catherine: this bus driver was able to get everything under control. this was on march 2nd. you can take a listen. >> are you guys okay? >> she is trying to calm the students after an f 4 >> i put my hands down and asked the lord what do i do? >> catherine: chute radioed the dispatcher. >> she-radioed when chaos was all rounder she made a quick decision. >> all are round her. anybody that needs to call their parents we are going to go back to the school. we will call your parents when we get back to the school. get on the ground and be quiet! put your hands on top of your head. >> catherine: they have 1.5 minutes to find coverage. >> there is the tornado! >> catherine: in a frantic state of mind she instructs the students. they have made it back but the tornado is closer. they make it run for it. everybody stayed together. one, 2, 3, 4. fight. sex. 7. 8. nine, go, go! >> catherine: moments later, the bus is lifting into the air. and is-456
Mar 1, 2012 5:00pm PST
, indiana, kentucky and tennessee. call taxes on them have been searched for victims. cause high call >>grant: nowhere was slammed heart of hearts for, illinois. the mayors surveyed the devastation of alleging to recover and iran will. >> we will come back, we will rebuild and to do what we have to do. we're a very brazilian community. >>grant: people are also keeping one eye on the forecast, more strong storms are expected tomorrow and that could spawn more tornadoes. illinois, kansas, kentucky and tennessee are right in the storm's a bull's-eye. >>jaqueline: we saw rain today but the skies had cleared into the afternoon. we will see cold conditions overnight as the winds calmed down. the skies will be clear and we have cold air at that will roll through periods into tomorrow, sunny skies and reconditions. and we will talk more about these high temperatures into the warmer weather this week and give >>grant: an airplane bomb threat gives customers flying to the bay area quite a scare. the rain had not -- the plane had not yet taken off from denver when someone called in a bomb threat
Mar 5, 2012 5:00pm PST
walk through the area to find belongings. a 15 month old indiana girl died after clinging to life for two days. she was laid to rest and buried with her parents and siblings. as many as 40 tornadoes ripped through 10 states on friday killing 40 people. crews in new mexico were to recover the body of a little boy. the four year-old had fallen into a well. reaching the body has been tough. police use cameras to determine if the child was there. >>jaqueline: here is a live look outside from the golden gate. we're still seeing sunshine on this side of the bridge. near the close line we're seeing fog. we have a system driven across the bay area for tomorrow. when gusts up to 50 mi. an hour. more on that in a moment. conditions are quite cool close to the coastline. current wind speeds are 29 mi. per hour at sfo. the wind advisories in effect for the entire bay area. winds are 20-30 mi. an hour for tomorrow with gusts up to 40-50 m.p.h.. more on the wind and rain coming up in just a bit. >>pam: unbelievable images of a helicopter crash in arizona and the the police officer hailed as a hero
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5